PRORAM Oversized Performance Induction Kit For MQB MK7 Golf GTi / R - PRK-148-BK


PRORAM Oversized Performance Induction Kit For MQB MK7 Golf GTi / R – PRK-148-BK




PRORAM oversized kit for the MQB platform fitting both RHD and LHD vehicles.


  • Our performance synthetic nanofiber air filter, a Twin-Tangential Velocity Stack, designed to optimise airflow.
  • The hardpipe tapers from 102mm (4”) at the inlet to our 80mm oversized turbo elbow.
  • A custom v-band clamp secures the parts and allows for easy fitment and a take-off barb connects the oem vacuum line.
  • The heat shield helps maintain low intake temperatures by providing a physical barrier between the air filter and the rest of the engine bay
  • The detailed fitting guide included in every box means everything is provided for a quick and easy and easy installation.
  • Offers proven performance gains – especially with a tuned vehicle. 

What Does It Do?

This induction kit will increase the airflow into the turbo while increasing engine noise over the restrictive factory air intake system. This kit includes everything required for the fitting of the induction kit. This kit replaces all of the factory intake pipework right back to the turbo inlet.

What Will I Get?

Ramair Filters utilise the top-quality components in all their kits see below for what this kit will include:

  • Black powder coated laser cut heat shield
  • Proram pleated filter
  • Oversized aliminium hardpipe
  • Full fitting kit with easy step by step instructions

Fitment Compatibility Chart

2016AudiA32.0 TFSI
2017AudiA32.0 TFSI
2018AudiA32.0 TFSI
2019AudiA32.0 TFSI
2020AudiA32.0 TFSI
2021AudiA32.0 TFSI
2014AudiTT2.0 TFSI
2015AudiTT2.0 TFSI
2016AudiTT2.0 TFSI
2017AudiTT2.0 TFSI
2018AudiTT2.0 TFSI
2019AudiTT2.0 TFSI
2020AudiTT2.0 TFSI
2021AudiTT2.0 TFSI
2013SeatLeon (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2014SeatLeon (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2015SeatLeon (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2016SeatLeon (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2017SeatLeon (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2018SeatLeon (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2019SeatLeon (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2020SeatLeon (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2021SeatLeon (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2013SeatLeon ST (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2014SeatLeon ST (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2015SeatLeon ST (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2016SeatLeon ST (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2017SeatLeon ST (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2018SeatLeon ST (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2019SeatLeon ST (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2020SeatLeon ST (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2021SeatLeon ST (MK3)2.0 Cupra
2013VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi
2014VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi
2015VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi
2016VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi
2017VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi
2018VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi
2019VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi
2020VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi
2021VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi
2016VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi Clubsport
2017VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi Clubsport
2018VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi Clubsport
2019VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi Clubsport
2020VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi Clubsport
2021VWGolf (MK7)2.0 GTi Clubsport
2013VWGolf (MK7)2.0 R
2014VWGolf (MK7)2.0 R
2015VWGolf (MK7)2.0 R
2016VWGolf (MK7)2.0 R
2017VWGolf (MK7)2.0 R
2018VWGolf (MK7)2.0 R
2019VWGolf (MK7)2.0 R
2020VWGolf (MK7)2.0 R
2021VWGolf (MK7)2.0 R
2015AudiQ32.0 TFSI
2016AudiQ32.0 TFSI
2017AudiQ32.0 TFSI
2018AudiQ32.0 TFSI
2018VWTouareg2.0 TFSI
2019VWTouareg2.0 TFSI
2020VWTouareg2.0 TFSI
2021VWTouareg2.0 TFSI
2015SeatAlhambra2.0 TSI
2016SeatAlhambra2.0 TSI
2017SeatAlhambra2.0 TSI
2018SeatAlhambra2.0 TSI
2019SeatAlhambra2.0 TSI
2020SeatAlhambra2.0 TSI
2021SeatAlhambra2.0 TSI
2015VWPassat2.0 TSI
2016VWPassat2.0 TSI
2017VWPassat2.0 TSI
2018VWPassat2.0 TSI
2019VWPassat2.0 TSI
2020VWPassat2.0 TSI
2021VWPassat2.0 TSI
2015SkodaSuperb (3V)2.0 TSI
2016SkodaSuperb (3V)2.0 TSI
2017SkodaSuperb (3V)2.0 TSI
2018SkodaSuperb (3V)2.0 TSI
2019SkodaSuperb (3V)2.0 TSI
2020SkodaSuperb (3V)2.0 TSI
2021SkodaSuperb (3V)2.0 TSI
2013SkodaOctavia2.0 TSI RS
2014SkodaOctavia2.0 TSI RS
2015SkodaOctavia2.0 TSI RS
2016SkodaOctavia2.0 TSI RS
2017SkodaOctavia2.0 TSI RS
2018SkodaOctavia2.0 TSI RS
2019SkodaOctavia2.0 TSI RS
2020SkodaOctavia2.0 TSI RS
2021SkodaOctavia2.0 TSI RS
2014VWPassat2.0 TSI
2018AudiSQ2 (GA)2.0 TFSI
2019AudiSQ2 (GA)2.0 TFSI
2020AudiSQ2 (GA)2.0 TFSI
2021AudiSQ2 (GA)2.0 TFSI
2015VWSharan2.0 TSI
2016VWSharan2.0 TSI
2017VWSharan2.0 TSI
2018VWSharan2.0 TSI
2019VWSharan2.0 TSI
2020VWSharan2.0 TSI
2021VWSharan2.0 TSI
2019VWT-Roc2.0 R
2020VWT-Roc2.0 R
2021VWT-Roc2.0 R
2016VWTiguan2.0 TSI
2017VWTiguan2.0 TSI
2018VWTiguan2.0 TSI
2019VWTiguan2.0 TSI
2020VWTiguan2.0 TSI
2021VWTiguan2.0 TSI
2018VWTouareg2.0 TSI
2019VWTouareg2.0 TSI
2020VWTouareg2.0 TSI
2021VWTouareg2.0 TSI

PRORAM Oversized Performance Induction Kit For MQB MK7 Golf GTi / R - PRK-148-BK


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