70mm RGB car devil demon halo angel eyes


70mm RGB car devil demon halo angel eyes




These RGB halos that are controlled via an app on your mobile phone.

The app works on both Android and iOS, and you can use the phone to control the halos in a variety of functions, including but not limited to:
over 140 colours (any colour on the spectrum)
halos dancing to your music
20 pre set functions (7 colour flash etc)
change colour to your voice

The halos are powered direct to your battery via live and earth and use very minimal power, so can be left on when car is switched off and you can walk away. (During tests at ford fair, we left the halos on from 07:30 until 17:00 with the car switched off, the battery had dropped only 1 volt, which recovered soon after starting)

The light output on these halos is surreal, with the beam spreading across the floor about 6 feet.

Easy to control, and such a marvel to look at. Truly adds visual value to any vehicle.

The halos come wired up ready to be fitted and should take max 1 hour (fitting instructions are included)

We know the 70mm fit the following:
Mk7 pre face fiesta
Mk7.5 facelift fiesta (Zetec, Titanium and ST are a direct fit, but not Zetec S- use 60mm)
Mk2 focus RS
Mk3 pre facelift focus

And any other car with a 70mm round fog light

Halo Diameter – 70MM or 60MM
12v Powered
Controlled Via Mobile phone app
144 Different Colours
20 Pre set flashing options
Fuse protected wiring loom included

What’s in the Packet
2 apertures
1 controller

**please note. For using on the fog lights, you will need to seal the back using a decent silicon. This can be easily applied round the back of the ring. Use your finger to level off and leave to dry over night to ensure a complete seal**


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70mm RGB car devil demon halo angel eyes


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